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Drain Tile


By draining your fields, early in the season, plants can develop a more substantial root system which allows the plant to absorb more nutrients and reach the deeper water table during the drier summer months. 


Removing excess water and salts creates a reservoir of healthy, aerated soil which will absorb water during heavy rainfall. The aerated soil gives roots room to grow and water won’t pool up on the surface and carry away valuable fertilizers and topsoil.

Potholes and draws are never enjoyable or easy to farm if they are not drained properly. Drain tile eliminates hassle, stuck equipment, and untimely field work.


In the end, improved drainage results in more stable production and reduced stress to you, your equipment, and your plants!

Basin's Process

Wetland determinations and drainage permits are acquired. 

Elevation data is collected and the tile system is professionally designed using Ag Data Mapping Solutions. 


Final changes are made and the field is flagged using a GPS-guided ATV.


Tile is strung, connections are dug, and pipe is installed with a WOLFE plow. 

Each tile line is finished with a closing disk, leaving a slight mound to settle out. 

The installation process is complete and the customer receives the map of installed tile. 

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