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About Basin Construction & Drain Tile

Our Company History


Dwight Kopman started working in construction in high school and started Kopman Builders a few years later.


After 17+ years of building, Dwight became intrigued by field drainage and the growing need in eastern South Dakota. After a couple years of research, Dwight and his wife Stacy started Basin Construction & Drain Tile.


In January of 2012, Basin started out with a self-propelled WOLFE 400 tile plow, a few pieces of support equipment, and a crew of eight. Now Basin runs two WOLFE tile plows and a crew for each, along with many more employees to help with other services.

Basin has grown into a well-diversified company offering multiple services including: Commercial Construction, Drain Tile, Excavation, and Aggregate Sales.

Our Mission

Basin strives to develop mutually rewarding relationships with its employees, customers and the surrounding community. Keeping safety foremost we strive for the highest quality in workmanship while honoring our commitments and working with integrity and honesty.

Basin aims to help customers by optimizing the land, increasing the yields, and improving infrastructure: therefore benefiting the lives of customers, which puts economic rewards back into the local economy.


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